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Management System Scope

Environmentally sound ship recycling and workforce health & safety is a paramount for “SOK DENIZCILIK”. The company has a zero tolerance policy about the subjects and fully complies with  the requirements of both national and international legislations. A solid track record of worker safety is proving the company’s effective health and safety management plan & policy.
In addition to having all required domestic licenses and permissions, “SOK DENIZCILIK” is also one of the first ship recycling companies certified for ISO-9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO-30000 by the “LLYOD`s REGISTER” . The company is a proud member of “I.S.R.A.” ( International Ship Recyclers` Association )
Upcoming developments and regulations related with the ship recycling industry are being followed very closely and it is a paramount for the company to be preapared and meet requirements even before they come into force.